The Girl Behind the Lens

Welcome to Create Something Out of Nothing!

My name is Lauren and I live in the beautiful state of Maine.

I am married to my best friend and I’m so grateful of him!

We have three curious, spunky, lovable pets, Koska (the one-eyed kitty), Zoe (lover of BBQ sauce, ice cream & french fries), & Neko (our retired racer!)

I love the smell of the ocean and freshly cut grass

I LOVE driving with the top down in our Jeep,

I’m a skier, an avid lover of the outdoors,

I’m a crafter and a novice knitter!

A lover of mexican food and laughter

and being with close friends & family!

I have a zeal for cleaning & organizing; that some would call a sickness,

but I can’t help what I love to do.

Why start a blog you ask???

Ever since my husband and I got married this past June I have fallen, deeply, madly in love with photography again!  The first time was when I was little and would steal my father’s 35mm Cannon (AE-1 Program) and shoot roll after roll of that stuff we called film, of anything and everything.  After signing up for a Basic Photography Class in the fall of 2011, it re-opened my eyes to photography and has inspired me to start this blog!

 Follow me as I document every step of the way, watch me grow, not only as a women, a wife, (maybe even one day a mother), but as a photographer too!

 2011 goals were to learn as much as possible about photography, to hone my skills, & possible figure out my photo style and maybe even start a business:  Completed!

2012 goals are to keep honing my skills, consistently edit & grow my photo style, open my business for 2013!  Make new blogging friends along the way!

“The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life” – Jessica Hische

 I believe with all my heart that I am meant to do great things…please follow me along my journey as I document my life behind the lens, finding my purpose and Creating Something Out of Nothing!

Read here on how I got started,

A girl can dream–and she will…