Touch Up Tuesdays!

I thought it would be neat to try to capture a silhouette of my husband and friend Robbie golfing.  With it being almost mid-day it was a little tricky.  Usually shooting silhouettes are done at sunrise or sunset…that’s when the sky is the most beautiful and the colors are vibrant, so you’d rather capture the sky than your subjects!  We are taught as photographers to properly expose for our subjects, but when shooting silhouettes, you want your subjects to be dark!  So in order for this to happen you must properly expose for the sky, and I usually like to underexpose a few notches just to make sure.

In this image, you can see it’s underexposed, but with the help of Lightroom I was able to pull down the exposure more and make it b&w to capture the effect I wanted.



Paper Heart Camera


Tutorial Tuesday!

I’ve never been one to consistently to do one of these, but I’m hoping to make this part of my blogging…1) I’ve been doing some sort of tutorial on my blog anyway and 2) This will help me to be consistent in my blogging and help me grow as a photographer!  I love it when ladies get together and help each other, so I want to pay it forward too!

My girlfriend Danielle sent me this link to Sarah’s blog, The Naptime Momtog, great find!!!  Now I’m obsessed, and she just happens to do Tutorial Tuesdays and I thought since I’ve been working so hard to create a basic, clean edit, I would try it out this time!  I’ve been pretty happy with my editing in the last few weeks, 90% of that goes to Clickin Moms, I just finished taking their Lightroom 101:  Start to Finish online class, TWO THUMBS UP!!!

My basic edit:

1) Check White Balance, add some warmth, fix histogram, meaning fix exposure!  (My pic is completely overexposed).

2) Add minimal recovery, some blacks, contrast, and I always like adding vibrance, some don’t, but I do!

3) I also used my tone curve and added sharpness and a little bit of a vignette!

4) Done!

Finished product, B&W was speaking to me for some reason and I love the look at a matted finish…so here you go! (I used a B&W Matte preset).