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Make Your Lights Shine!

A few of your have asked how I blurred out my Christmas Tree lights, well with lots of reading and some trail and error I will show you!  First I must give a shout out to Pinterest because really without it I’d be lost…and there are tons of great resources out there, here are a few to check out from Click It Up A Notch (where I got the idea!):  Christmas Tree Bokeh explained, 5 Steps on How to Photography Christmas Lights, & How to Create Beams of Christmas Lights (which I hope to do soon!)

But do try, it’s super fun and can give some great bokeh, drag your kids, pets or whoever along to help and play around with your settings!  I did all this pictures with manual focus on, (this is key to making great bokeh), and increase your ISO because 1. your indoors, and 2. it’s night time!  Don’t be afraid!  Then play around with your F-stop and Shutter Speeds, use a tripod if you need too.  Shooting wide open tends to get the best results, but even creeping up 1 or 2 stops gives a different effect!  Have fun 🙂


400, 1.4, 1/100, Manual focus–obv. in focus!


400, 1.4, 1/100, Manual focus

1600, 2.2, 1/80 Manual focus

1600, 2.2, 1/80 Manual focus

Having some fun! 3200 (I probably didn't need to have my ISO so high) 2.2, 1/200

Having some fun! 3200 (I probably didn’t need to have my ISO so high) 2.2, 1/200
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Wordless Wednesdays: Finding the Light!

Photography isn’t about what fancy camera you own or what awesome location you can find (yes those help)…it really ALL about finding the light and using it to your advantage!

200, f/2.8, 1/640

200, f/2.8, 1/250

200, f/2.8, 1/250

All three of these images came from this location, nothing fancy and I’m not even sure I was permitted to be there! We were just driving around and found this spot beside the road in our local business park, but the most important part was the sun, it was low in the sky, about 4:30ish in the afternoon and the light was warm and wonderful!