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Cake Gets a Face Lift!

My husband turned 36 this past Saturday, and I wanted to put a spin on the old birthday cake.  Now if you have a sweet tooth of any kind, or a weak stomach, I suggest turning away now…this post might put you in a sugar comma (my apologies!)  He has a summer birthday and what better way to celebrate than with ice cream cake, but I didn’t want to go out and just buy one so I put a spin on his favorite treat!  He LOVES ice cream sandwiches, and a few of his friends had suggested an ice cream sandwich cake, hmmmmmmmm.  Combine that with his favorite candy, Snickers, and boom, a wonderful dessert idea was born!  Talk about simple!  I even made the whip cream myself!

Ingredients Needed:

1-2 boxes of Ice Cream Sandwiches (Hood brand is bigger and will cover your cake pan better)

Hot Fudge & Cameral Sauce

Snickers (or your favorite candy/toppings-anything work here!!!)

Whip Cream (I made my own, heavy cream + sugar + Kitchen aid = Home made Whipped Cream!)

Cake Pan (Any size, depending on how big you want your cake)



First I whipped the cream and chopped up the snickers into smaller pieces in our food processor.  I waited as long as possible to bring out the ice cream sandwiches because they tend to melt VERY FAST!  Then I covered the bottom of the cake pan with the first layer of sandwiches, poured the chocolate & cameral sauce on top then the whip cream.  I then sprinkled some snickers on top of that.  Repeat that!  It’s as easy as that!  I put tin foil on top and placed in the freezer for at least three hours to harden.  It is very sweet, but it does it ever hit the spot!  I suggest making it for a larger group, so there aren’t any leftovers…it’s always dangerous to have sweets hanging around longer than they should!


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Spaghetti Squash

Who knew there was such a thing!  I’m hoping to turn it into spaghetti, they say it’s a nice substitute for pasta…but I have a picky eater in my house…he’s 35 and happens to be my husband!  This vegetable intrigues me!