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Writing Really is a Lost Art!

Most of us live two lives…one work-life and one home-life…well my work-life consist of teaching children, I work in special ed., my title is a Speech & Language Assistant and I do really love my job, even as challenge as it can be. (Mostly it’s the adults, not so much the kids)…but that’s a whole other story I won’t even get into!  Over this past year I’ve been more involved in helping my students practice their writing skills!  In retrospect of this, starting this blog has helped me help them…I’m BIG about pre-writing, organizing one’s thoughts before they actually sit down pencil to paper…how do you expect someone to write a story if they have no idea where to start…I’m the queen of graphic organizers!!!  But by starting this blog I’ve discovered that practicing my own writing has helped me see the importance of writing (about anything) and helping my students find their own voice and own niche, writing is hard, it was for me when I was in school, but it shouldn’t be a choir or a punishment either, it should be fun & exciting!

I’m slowly getting to my point here…but what better way to practice your writing but with letters 🙂  After browsing through my many blogs I follow I came across Tara’s Blog today and she has added some great items to her ETSY Shop, she’s selling the most beautiful postcards!  (check our her photography too!)  but I was thinking, what better way to practice your writing but to send these beautiful postcards to friends & family…to the grandparents, or as birthday cards, or even a ‘I’m thinking about you’ postcard…who wouldn’t want to receive something in the mail now a days!  I always LOVE getting letters in the mail, it gives me the warm fuzzies as my family says!

So go check our her blog today and receive 20% your purchase!


Take Something Old & Make it New Again!

I’ve had a crazy few days running around the state of Maine, there were birthday parties to attend and my 10 year high school reunion too!  (10 years kind of sneaks up on your…), and yesterday was the first day of summer camp, so my lazy mornings have now turned into wake up, shower, and run off to work!  So before I left I was meaning to post this fun & easy craft I had done, but that just didn’t happen…so get ready for a treat today!

I had somewhat of a plan in place before camp started…knowing I had 3 weeks off, I set out to make a Summer To-Do List!  I should of turned it into a Summer Bucket List, but I hadn’t gotten that far.  But before the summer was done I just HAD to accomplish some tasks around the house.  One of which was some fun stencil work!

Now that Martha Stewart sure knows what she’s doing because after stopping at Michael’s to pick up some things (for like the 4th time this summer), I ended up buying some of her stencils & paints!  For our wedding we received some storage jars, you know the kind you put Flour, Sugar, Coffee, etc. in…they work well in our green kitchen, but I thought they were lacking some personality.  What better way to spurs something up but with some pretty paint!  This project took all of 5 minutes to complete and it’s super easy and can be done on almost anything.  All you need is paint, sponge brush, stencil set & plate/napkin. (I suggest buying the Martha Stewart Brand, makes it easier and most of what I bought was on Clearance!)  And for those with an iPhone, grab the Michael’s App, it’s free and you get coupons you can use right in the store, they just scan your phone!!!

But in less than 5 minutes, I took something dull & boring…

and make it sassy & fun 🙂

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Turn Your Purse into a Camera Bag

So over this past weekend my best friend, mentioned in the last post, Danielle finally taught me how to use her sewing machine!  I loved it so much, I went straight to amazon.com and bought myself the exact same one!  Ever since I drove back into photography I’ve wanted a cute and effective way to carry my camera with me at all times…but since I am my mother’s child, I have expensive taste.  Wish List

Anyway, I have always said Danielle is like my husband…they are truly the same person, they both love to read, they’re smart (both engineers) & last summer they found out they butter their toast the same way (long story!) Plus, they both have a knack for finding information, apps, articles, websites, etc. on the internet!  She recently found this great blog, Make it and Love it.  It has this great and easy pattern to make your own padded camera insert for your purse!  PERFECT!  I had just recently bought this big bag at Target for $35 bucks that was ideal for the project!

So last Sunday, with two kids in toe, we bought fabric & supplies and started down the crafting road.  It was so much fun!  It’s like taking a great photograph, you just feel so accomplished because you did it with your own two hands!  And I’m not quite sure how she does it on a regular basis…with the little one crying, the older one running around investigating everything we did and the dog barking all at the same time, it can make a mom want pour a glass of wine and shut the bathroom door…no wonder my mom always locked herself in the bathroom!!

So I know you’re dying to see the results!  Here is what I came up with, and I’m a little disappointed with my camera skills, it was inside at night with less than nothing light.  And remember, first time ever using a sewing machine!

Wanna make your own!  Good Luck!