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Follow Your Passion…There’s a Class for that!

For the past few years I’ve been trying to figure out my life path, your early to late twenties are hard!  Your life is so structured for about 22 years (if you choose to go off to college) and then it’s like you hit a wall, you’re all of a sudden an adult!  And your asking yourself, “How the hell did that happen?”  Fast forward a few more years, and you’re probably working full time, hopefully in the field you graduating in and slowing plugging away until retirement.  WAIT!  How long until retirement?  30 years, 35 years???  More????  Yicks…what if you don’t like your job?  Questions started to arise in my head, should I go back to school, how long do I stay at my currently job and find another job, why does this feel like work, and is this really my career path in life?

Having all those questions inside me made me anxious, I think because I wasn’t truly happen where I was and really wanted to do something about it.  Don’t get me wrong, I work with some great people and with some great students, working in a school is challenging, both physical, emotional, & mentally, it’s also fun, exciting and very rewarding!!  But I found myself wanting more and couldn’t take the redundancy of it…it just wasn’t for me anymore.  So what’s a girl to do?

Fall in love, marry the man of her dreams, find her sugar-daddy, and live happy-ever-after…sort-of!  My husband knows me pretty well and even though I like my Lazy Sunday more than the next person, I also get restless and fidgety when A) I’m bored and B) When I know my potential isn’t being satisfied.

I’ve told this story before, but I’m going to tell the shorter version!  This journey all started before our wedding, I was looking for a photographer that would capture US on our day and my how I envisioned our day to be.  Fast forward a few months before our big day, the hubby receives a big brown box in the mail, he bought a Nikon D70 (without telling me), thinking it would be a nice present for both of us to start taking better photos, since I was notorious for breaking all of our point-and-shoot cameras!  Well it sparked something inside me that had been laying dormant for a long time and from there it only got better!  Combined with the fact that I would pay an arm and a leg for beautiful wedding photos, I knew how important photography was in my life.

And so began my photography journey, this blog, and my new baby…aka my business! (Not that baby…yet!)  I’m finally following my passion.  It took me a while to figure out I should have been on this path from the beginning, but sometimes we step away from the things that make us happy because we don’t think we can accomplish them.  So since 2011, I’ve been slowing jugging away at this dream of mine.

Before this gets any longer! This is the main reason for this post, I wanted to write a review for Jessica Leigh, 4 week, Business 101 class:

I want to give a HUGE, HUGE, shout out to both Light Inspired and Jessica Leigh (Jessica Leigh Photography) for her amazing Business 101 class: Build the Foundation!  I’ve done lot of research and have even taken a fabulous business class through my local community college, but it wasn’t until I took her course that it all just CLICKED!

In just 4 weeks Jessica changed my entire way of thinking, not only as a photographer, but as an entrepreneur and business women!  I had been very reluctant to put myself out there because I didn’t have the confidence to value my photography.  How could I start charging people if I didn’t know who I was as a photographer or what my brand (niche) was?!  Once I saw that her class was being offered I was very motivated, but still unsure if it was really going to help.  Not only did it help, it changed my life!   I learned how to narrow down my focus, about client interaction, budgeting & pricing, selecting products, and how to put it all together into a brand I love!  Through her well designed homework assignments, you will begin to understand more about yourself than you ever thought possible!  

She is an incredible teacher, the way she organized each weeks notes & assignments helped build a foundation for the following week.  You felt ready to move on after each week.  Her feedback is amazing, she gives each person the one-on-one attention they deserve to help steer them in THEIR desired direction.   It’s like she knows your vision and can verbalize what you’ve been trying to say all along.  She’s encouraging & positive and she pushes each one of us every step of the way.  Failure is not an option in this class!  Plus you have additional support from the other ladies in the class and the whole Light Inspired forum community!

If you are serious about starting your business and don’t quite know how to begin, this is the course for you, no experience needed!

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 7.15.19 PM 


Best Present Ever!

My mom would be so proud, I think it’s a first…first time I have ever asked for a purse for Christmas!  But this isn’t any ordinary purse, this beautiful purse is a camera bag!  Kelly Moore not only makes beautiful, sophisticated bags for everyday use, but they actually function as a camera bag!  No need to drag around two bags anymore, it all fits into one!  My hubby “surprised me” (aka I told me which bag & color to get) on Christmas morning with the beautiful 2 Sues bag in Orange Sherbet.  (Though he did surprise me with a new SB-700 SpeedLight Flash!  But that’s for another post!)

It’s so much better in person!  It has two straps for across the body or over the shoulder, it has so many pockets for storage, as well as room for your camera, 2 lenses or a lens & a flash, and there’s even room for an iPad!  My favorite part is the built in space for your business cards/credit cards, memory sticks and batteries!  It’s just so pretty and it makes me feel so professional!  Check it out for yourselves!

Ditych bag tritych bag

Plus hubby couldn’t say more about their customer service…he received a confirmation email for shipment 4 minutes after he ordered it!  (NO JOKE!)  Plus they are having a sale until the end of the year…check out their facebook page!