Letter to My Husband

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Dear Hubby,

Sorry I’ve waited so long to write this to you, but I’ve been meaning too for a couple weeks now…it’s only fitting on the day my sister and her husband said “I Do,” to post this because life is too short not to tell the people in our live how we feel.

On August 19th, you become a father…a dad!  There’s another little lady in your life!  Even though you might be out numbered now, just think of all the fun things you’ll get to experience as she grows.  First steps, first words!  You get to teach her all the lessons that were once taught to you, you get to share all your wisdom and fun activities, skiing, mountain biking, jeep rides!!  You’ll get to teach her how to drive a car, you’ll get to frighten her first boyfriend, and walk her down the aisle.  She’ll always be your little girl.  How exciting is this whole new world you get to live in!

When she entered into this world screaming, she was the spitting image of you, how lucky was I, every time I looked into her little eyes I get to see the wonderful man I married!  The words escape me now, but that first week was so hard for me.  How can I thank you enough for stepping up and taking on the duties of both mom & dad.  Thank you for being strong for both of us and I’m so happy that you had that time with our daughter to bond.  We have our time together now, but those very few moments are precious to me because I know she was with you.  There are so many things I want to say to you, but you already know…

You are an awesome dad and I can’t wait to freeze all the many memories we will make together!  This is my favorite photo of the two of you, the first of many…


“…Do I love you
Oh, I do
And I’m going to ‘til I’m gone…”
-The Civil Wars

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