2 Months!

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It seems like time is flying by so fast and I’m still not getting anything accomplished!  Though I did manger to accomplish taking her 2 month photo and hope to continue this until she’s at least a year old!  It will be fun documenting each month and watching her grow!  She is still fitting into a few newborn outfits, but it was sad when she didn’t fit into her very first outfit I ever put her in (I cried a little)…I will also be keeping that outfit forever (maybe one day she can give it to her little one!)  She is getting so long, but has such a tiny waist, I’m guessing she will be tall like her daddy!  I can’t quite tell what color her eyes will be yet, but they seem to be turning green now.

Her two month appointment is this Friday and she will be getting her shots…so hopefully that will all go well!  And hopefully she is growing up to their standards this time!

Here is our little peanut, she’s getting so big!


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