Our Maternity Shoot!

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Liked I promise, here are a few from our maternity shoot…with the help of our trusty tripod and hubby did a great job working my camera, we got some great shots!  I really need to invest in a remote, that may be on my Christmas list this year!  (And I really know why people hire professionals for moments like this…even though it was a lot of fun and editing these were great–it’s hard work and stressful!)

maternity-5maternity-15maternity-23maternity-6 maternity-54 maternity-50maternity-39 maternity-38maternity-98 maternity-107maternity-113 maternity-117 maternity-122

I am so blessed to live where I do, it was truly an amazing, beautiful summer night in Maine with the love of my life!

One thought on “Our Maternity Shoot!

  1. Stunning photos! Nice editing job. It’s amazing that Penelope is already 3 weeks old!

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