39 Weeks…

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Little did we know that the day after I took my 39 week belly photos that we would be headed to the hospital to have our little bundle of joy!  I’m happy that I was able to get these last shots of my pregnant self because I’ve almost already forgotten what it’s like to have a giant, massive belly!  It’s almost hard to wrap your brain around the fact that we as women can do this!!!  Isn’t it just amazing!

Belly Transform

4 weeks…20 weeks…39 weeks!

How far along?  39 Weeks…

Total weight gain:  I believe I gained a total of 40lbs, give or take…I started at 130 and ended up around 170!!!  That just seems so crazy to me, but I keep reminding myself that my body need to gain the weight and it wasn’t that far off from the recommended 25-30lbs!  Everyone’s different!

Maternity clothes?:  Yes, it was like a cycle of the same clothes over and over again.

Have you started to show yet:  I could probably smuggle stolen goods in my belly if I wasn’t pregnant!

Symptoms:  I think the last few weeks were the hardest, getting up to pee every 2 hours, sore hips, sore legs, sore feet…most days I felt good, but come 6pm I dreaded falling asleep because I knew it would just be painful!  Plus I was having some tightness, contractions perhaps!

Stretch marks?: Nope!  😀 and they never showed their ugly face either!

Sleep:  Of course I’m writing this post after the fact, I’d say knowing what I know now, it was perfect!  But sleep was hard in the finally weeks too.

Best moment this week:  At our appointment the midwife said she could sweep the membrane to try to get things started, so that was exciting and terrifying.  It’s always nice knowing that she has a strong heartbeat and is doing well too!

Miss Anything?  I think at this point, being skinny!

Movement:  OMG, yes, there was one night I thought she was going to kick through my stomach and just come out!  My husband was amazed at how strong she seemed to be getting, since you hear about babies being less active in the last few weeks!

Food cravings:  Nothing too crazy…(but now that I’m breastfeeding, holy hell, I feel like a teenage boy!)

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope

Gender: Girl!

Labor Signs:  Just some tightness and maybe some cramps here and there, but nothing that would indicate anything was happening…

Belly Button in or out?  Flat as can be!

Wedding rings on or off?  Still on…and was on the entire time.

Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy, nervous, anxious, sad, glad, you name it, I probably felt it!

Looking forward to:  How things are going to get started and what’s it going to feel like, be like, etc.  And meeting her and seeing what she’s going to look like!

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