35 Weeks: Move Over Royal Baby!

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35 weeks


Congratulations to the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge on the arrival of their little boy (Future King-cue The Lion Kind music)…it would have been nice to share the same birthday with the little Prince, but unfortunately this little “princess”is still going strong and has another 4-5 weeks of cooking…oh well!  But I was right, she would & did go on the full moon!  Lucky for us there will not be any pop and circumstance or stupid photographers (except for her mama of course!) on the day she comes, but she’ll have some excited fans non-the-less!!

How far along?  35 Weeks (one more week and I’ll be 9 Months!!!)

Total weight gain:  32lbs

Maternity clothes?:  I just went out to buy more tank-tops!  It’s hot out there!!!

Have you started to show yet:  Yes and every time I see people they remind me!  I get it, there’s a baby in there!

Symptoms:  Been feeling a little under the weather; I’m blaming my mom, sorry mom!  Usually at the end of the day my back tightens up, but feeling pretty good!

Stretch marks?: Not that I know of!

Sleep:  I’m indifference to sleep…I can’t wait to get back to “normal” and yes I know, instead of a big belly making my life uncomfortable, there will be a screaming child, but at least I’ll be so exhausted that all I’ll want to do is sleep!

Best moment this week:  Seeing my mom & dad and sisters, I miss them so much and it was nice to just kick back and relax with them!  My baby shower was fun and continuing to see her move about in my tummy is amazing!  (I like it when I can feel her little feet kick me–it’s sweet now…)

Miss Anything?  Sure, but I only have 5 weeks to deal with it!

Movement:  There are days where I think she wants to come out she moves so much!

Food cravings:  Cereal still…it’s easy & light!

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Not really, post nasal drip, sorry tmi.

Gender: Girl!  And she still doesn’t have a name…but we’re working on it!

Labor Signs:  No, not yet, but still get tightness every so often.

Belly Button in or out?  Flat, flat, flat, it wants to pop out, but I doubt it will.

Wedding rings on or off?  Still on, but I had to take it off a few times, it’s been so humid that I’m afraid it will get stuck.

Happy or Moody most of the time:  I’ve been more emotional these past few days, I tend to cry at a drop of a hat now a days…my poor husband.

Looking forward to:  Organizing the baby’s room, yay!  And we have 2 more birthing classes, they have been very helpful and full of knowledge, I just hope I retain what I learn so our birthing experience will go smoothly!  But like she told us in class, expect the unexpected (always)!



Yup, the baby is STILL in there!

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