Showered with Gifts & Love

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This past weekend my amazing sisters and best friend Danielle threw me a beautiful baby shower!  They had been planning this for quite some time and have been very secretive about the whole thing, which was cause for concern!!  Like when your friend asks you for innocent photos of you and dad-to-be…and then do this…


My cousin Alex insisted the party be at her house and for good reason, we got a lot of great stuff!!!  The day was very overwhelming, but it a good way, I was so blessed to be surrounded by great family & friends!Baby Shower1

Of course the day didn’t go without hiccups, my twin sister and her boyfriend found themselves stranded on the side of the road in Mass. with car trouble and ended up missing the whole party; a mimosa was spilled all over me, luckily I was wearing a jersey dress and it dried quickly, but it was disappointing knowing I smelled like alcohol and didn’t consume any; And apart from being the center of attention and trying to keep back all the water-works, the party was wonderful!  The food was great, the company was perfect and the entertainment with all the little kiddos & cousins running around was fun!  I couldn’t have asked for a better day!

The running joke of the day to was we were all wearing blue…let’s hope this little one is still a girl!!!

My beautiful friend Danielle, (from Two Red Birthstones) was acting photographer for the day and she did an amazing job, I have loved watching her grow as a photographer!  Read her post here about my special day!

Baby Shower2

baby shower3

My sister was being funny…Think of this as a before & after shot!

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