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After reading Courtney’s post @ Click It Up A Notch about her lensbaby it totally reminded me about the pictures I took on vacation with my lensbaby!  Now my isn’t top of the line, actually it was a surprise gift from the hubby, in hopes he could use it on the D70, but how all things go I took it over of course!  He bought the Lensbaby Spark, which was on sale and as simple & manual as you can get (it has a fixed aperture at 1.8 too, which doesn’t help).  He thought it would be a fun tool to play with though and so far it has been!  Being in historic Gettysburg, PA, I thought the effect and creatively of the lensbaby would come in handy.

What I found out was, A) It was hard than it looked and B) you have to put a little thought into what you want to shoot. (Plus lots of practice!!!)

The hubby and I both experimented with it: (I edited them all in Lightroom and processed some with an old time effect-I used The Beautiful Things Collection from One Willow Presets on most of these photos!)

gettysburg-143-1 gettysburg-144-2 gettysburg-146-3 gettysburg-148-4 gettysburg-149-5 gettysburg-158-6 gettysburg-163-7

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