To Macro or Not to Macro!

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Since I had such a positive experience renting a lens for my maternity shoot in January, I thought I would do it again for my recent newborn session!  This time I rented 2 lens, Nikon’s 24-70 2.8 again, and Nikon’s 105mm micro VR 2.8 (or macro).  I was really excited about this one because it would allow me to get those precious little details that every mother wishes she could capture forever, (you know, baby eyelashes, fingers & toes, not to mention those cute, chubby cheeks & lips!)


I was unsure of it’s true capabilities and was excited to test them out.  It looks very impressive right out of the box and would also make an excellent portrait lens outdoors…the only thing I didn’t care too much about was the focus, it was kind of sluggish (remember, I am dealing with a rental) & slow to focus.  Don’t get me wrong it is sharp & able to focus right up close, but I personally found it difficult to clearly focus without the focal plane moving on me (in auto-focus).  I found this article by Ken Rockwell very helpful with this!  It was still an excellent lens, though I would need to try a few more micro/macro lens first before buying one.

I took a few shots for you to show you the 105mm true capabilities, sorry for the uncreative subject.  I have compared the 105mm with my 50mm side by side to show you the differences.  I was the same distance away, leaning up against my dining room table.



Zoomed in

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