24 Weeks: 6 months!

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It seemed like only yesterday I was itching to get to the 12 week mark…and now I ONLY have a few more months to go!!!  How time flies.  It’s true that time drags on in the beginning; I think it’s because you have this huge secret that no one else knows about and getting to that point where it’s safe to tell people feels like a lifetime!  It also boggles my mind that I’m going to grow even bigger, I don’t even know how that is physical possible, I already feel like I’m stretching my limits here…ladies, our body is truly an amazing thing!


How far along?  24 weeks

Total weight gain:  15-18lbs give or take…right on target? (give or take…haha)

Maternity clothes?: yes, except for tops, (certain ones)…I’m still wearing my small coaching polo, only thanks to Old Navy’s maternity tank-tops!!

Have you started to show yet:  Yup!

Symptoms:  Sore, tight back, achy legs, tired…stretching helps a lot and tennis balls for pushing on pressure points on my back! (even though I’m not really suppose to lay on my back–hubby was away for the weekend, so what’s a girl to do?!)

Stretch marks?:  Nope 🙂

Sleep: Off & on…

Best moment this week: Hearing Baby B’s heartbeat again at our appointment, fast & strong!!!

Miss Anything?  Not really…

Movement:  Yes, but it feels really weird, I’m comparing it to a sea monster doing loop-de-loops…she loves it when I eat 🙂

Food cravings:  No weird cravings (thought I told the hubby, no more Oreos!)–that saves room for more ice cream!

Anything making you queasy or sick:  Not really, though my body is telling me that I should probably start eating more slowly.  I get full easily and it’s uncomfortable.

Gender:  PINK!

Labor Signs: No, but my doctor did tell me to be on the look out…what?! hahaha (nothing to worry about though!)…it’s starting to hit home that in a couple of months we’ll have a little person to take care of!  Though we are passing the point in which something were to happen, she has a good chance of survival… craziness!

Belly Button in or out?  It’s still in…but not for very much longer.

Wedding rings on or off? On 

Happy or Moody most of the time:  Happy most of the time!

Looking forward to: Finishing up some renovations around the house and setting up the crib sometime this month!

I love my new maxi dress from PinkBlush Maternity! It’s so comfy and I could easily wear it after the baby comes too!  Plus matched with my cute denim-jacket & some sandals, it makes for a great spring outfit!


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