Friday’s Letters

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Dear Vacation Week, I had so much fun “getting away,” or rather, my husband and I did!  We had a lot of fun visiting my sister and we even spent a day in our Nation’s Capital and seeing old friends!  It was so much fun!  Dear PinkBlush Maternity, I received your order yesterday and I’m so pleased with my purchase!  The blue maxi dress is so comfy and my striped shirt is very stylish!  (I promise to post photos soon!)  Dear To-Do List, BOOM!  We got 99% of you done today!  And it was quite the list! Dear Baby girl, we ordered your crib today and I’m pretty sure we figured possible bedding ideas too.  Dear iPhone 5, well to the family, I finally upgraded and can’t wait to use you, especially the camera!  Dear Reality, please don’t hurt come Monday morning, I’m not ready to get back into the swing of things, I still have things I want to do, edit photos, blogging, laundry, relax!!  Don’t hurt too bad, okay!!


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