Friday Letter’s


Dear Light Inspired, thank you for offering Jessica Leigh’s Business 101 class!  You can check out more about her here.  I have fallen in love with your website, blog, & forum!  They were just recently offering a sale on the class for $100! (which was a saving of $200 dollars, since the class is normally $300!)  I just love the community of women & the inspiration you feel every time you visit their website!  Dear Double-Stuff Oreos...I’m pregnant, so enough said.  I don’t usually allow them in my house, EVER…but every since this little one has made her nest, they are nice to have around for a little snack!  I only allow myself 4 with a small glass of milk for dunking, but it brings me so much joy!  But if you’re feeling adventures, try MEGA STUFFED! (YES, there’s such a thing! Though not as good…)

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And for dessert…#megastuffed!

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Dear Apple TV, you’re an amazing device, you allow me to stream just about anything from my iPad to the TV.  Most recently, Pregnancy Workout Videos!  (And if you haven’t discovered Fit Sugar yet, get on board!  I stream their website through my Flipboard App. and about 10-12 mins. later I’ve had a great little workout.  Nothing special, but very effective.  Dear Danielle, thank you for giving me your giftcard to Pink Blush Maternity, they have some cute things and I can’t wait to order some cute shirts & maybe a dress!!!  Dear Cloth Diapers, I’m a little obsessed with you right now, holy hell there are a lot of choices out there!  But I’m super excited to try some out, I’m hoping this option will help us save some $ as well as the environment!  Check out Kelly’s Closet’s wide variety of cute cloth diapers!!!


And how could I forget, Dear Friday, thank you for being here & thank you for being a payday Friday! YAY!


3 thoughts on “Friday Letter’s

  1. You will LOVE using cloth diapers!!!

  2. Double stuffed? Sounds dangerous! I say being pregnant is as good as excuse as any to indulge a little more than usual 🙂 Saying hi from Fridays Letters

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