Make A Difference!


Direct Care Alliance Inc.

Many of us know that the Baby Boom generation is getting older and thanks to modern medicine and people adopting healthier habits in their lives people are also living longer!  In the year 2050 27 million people are expected to need some type of long-term care, if it’s in a nursing home, assisting-living or at a love-ones home and someone is required to look after & take care of them.  As a public service worker myself I know the value of working with others, even though I work to enlighten and push today’s youth and not with the elderly,  our profession can produce high stress-level and at times high turnover rates to occur because of lack of respect, tolerance, & appreciation.

“The Direct Care Alliance is a nationwide and state-based alliance of direct care workers, employers and people of all ages and disabilities who use long-term services, care and supports. We are united to build an empowered and valued professional direct care workforce essential to ensuring high-quality services and a life of dignity, respect, autonomy and opportunity for all to participate in community life.”

-The Direct Care Alliance Website

My sister is honored to sit on the Board of Directors for the Direct Care Alliance!  After a freak accident in 2007 left my sister’s husband paralyzed below the chest, she found herself a wife, a new mother and now a caregiver.  She soon was aware of the importance and the need to be an advocate for those actively involved in long term care fields.  She wants to get the word out there for those who are either seeking more information or who yearn to make their voices heard!

This topic is near and dear to my heart because life happens so fast and you never know when your life might change in an instant…Follow my sister & her husband along their journey, here on their facebook page!  And if you are interesting in finding out more about spinal cord injuries go to the Christopher Reeves Foundation website!


This is them…

but this is who they really are!

but this is who they really are!

Live and Love Out Loud

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  1. I’m honored

  2. Blessings to you both.

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