Create 2 For Tuesdays!

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Are back!

I really wanted an excuse to push myself into being more creative and having something to look forward to each week will allow me to do just that.  You can read my original post here, but long story short…each week we will give you a prompt and we want you to come up with 2 different interpretations of it, either with photography, craft, food, whatever, just CREATE, and then post your interpretations to your blog and link-up here or with Danielle at Two Red Birthstones every Tuesday.

This weeks prompt is:  Photographer’s Choice!  Sorry for the lack of creativity, but I got the idea while cooking last night and I rolled with it!  (“Pepper”)



If you would like to participate, grab our button and add a link to your blog post in a comment on either of our blogs.  This is something that we may change in the future but we are trying to keep it as uncomplicated as possible for now.

Create 2 for Tuesdays
<div align="center"><a href="" title="Create 2 for Tuesdays"><img src="" alt="Create 2 for Tuesdays" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

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