Our Newest Valentine…

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I thought it would be fun to announce on Valentine’s Day that we are having a little bundle of joy!  It is the day of love, and what better way to celebrate love than with a new little life!


This post will be one of many, God willing, but I am excited to share our happy news with you all and can’t wait to document my growing belly!  I feel like I can now post my progress because I have stopped the “something bad might happen” scenario in my head (sort of) and start feeling exciting and happy about this future little one.  There have been some scary moments so far, with one trip to the ER, but my doctor says everything is fine and dandy and the baby looks great.  My husband reassures me that “a rocky start only means a smooth finish!”  I’ll be headed into the second trimester tomorrow, but here are a few photos from the early beginning…(more to come later!)
Been craving a lot of bread, peanut butter & apples…it’s hard to believe you’re the size of a poppyseed!
Happy Valentine’s Day ❤

One thought on “Our Newest Valentine…

  1. A beautiful photographic journey awaits you! xxoo

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