Ever Rent a Lens? Do You Want Too!

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You should really give it a try!

Last month I was very much looking forward to my first maternity shoot and was eager to try out a new lens.  Of course buying a lens was out of the question, since it wasn’t in the budget, so what’s a girl to do?  Rent!  We rent movies, cars, power tools, hell we can even rent-a-date!  But whatever you decide to rent, we all know it’s WAY cheaper than buying, plus if you are afraid of commitment, this might be the perfect path for you!  It can be overwhelming choosing a respectable business to rent a lens, since there are many websites & places out there.  But thanks to one of my favorite blogs, Click It Up A Notch, she decided to do a whole post about renting lens, which you can read here!  It got me thinking and since I had been dying to try Nikon’s 24-70mm 2.8 lens and it retails for $1800, buying was NOT AN OPTION!

I  decided to start with BorrowLenses.com and Adorama Rentals as she had suggested, and thought Adorama would be my best bet, but because I in such a hurry, I didn’t realize I had forgotten to get the lens shipped to my house.  Instead the lens had been scheduled for pickup, which is in NYC…I live in Maine!  Oops…

I also found it very stressful that I MUST have the same amount or more on my card for insurance purposes before renting (which makes sense, but seeing that number before purchasing is anxiety producing)…I ended up canceling the order all together because it just wasn’t going to work out.

Now me being the greatest procrastinator in the world, I really, really wanted to rent that lens, so what do I do when I’m in a jam?  Email the hubby at work for help!  He was able to find me a local website called Glass and Gear with local pickup spots.  I emailed them in hopes the lens would still be in stock and it wasn’t so short notice…well it was my lucky day for sure, not only was it in stock, but I could pick it up the next afternoon  at their local Hunt’s Photo store (in Manchester, NH).  And the best part of the whole thing…it only cost me $40 bucks for a three day rental (Fri-Mon)!

The only negative was they don’t really have a huge selection of Nikon lens to choose from, but the entire experience was excellent and I would defiantly rent from them again!  And as for the lens, I’m in love!  It was fast, it gave me the wide angle and the close up portrait shots that I wanted, with the pretty bokeh that I needed.  Plus it looked professional and I felt professional using it!  It was so much fun to play with!  I will be saving my pennies for sure!






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