As Simple As: Best Friends


My best friend and I decided to it was time we had some professional looking photos of us for our blogs/websites…so we did just that, we had ourselves a little photo shoot!  We had a lot of fun posing each other and using the light from the window to our advantage, it was so much fun!  All we needed was some music and a few drinks and it would have been epic!  Here are a few of my favorites!  (I have to work on my consist b&w’s, but I do love how they all came out!)  Complains to Danielle at TwoRedBirthstones for taking my photos!







Schaub01-3 Schaub02-2 Schaub03-2

7 thoughts on “As Simple As: Best Friends

  1. I love all of them. You know each other so well, you both were able to capture each other personalities in the photos. Of course you each had beautiful subjects to work with!!

  2. You gals did a great job…I love them all too.

  3. Great photos! You two are beautiful! 🙂

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