Friday’s Letters…

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A few things from the week!

Dear Friday, You are a nice ending to the week from hell, but you bring good news so I welcome you…(long story).  Dear Bub, thank you for being my rock, you know me so well, but what’s a marriage without a few hiccups and bumps along the way, right!  Dear Mayans, better luck next time?  (knock on wood, of course), but thanks World for not ending!  Dear Chicago, Thank you for sparing the snow long enough so my parents could safely board their plane and fly to see their children for Christmas, no headaches, no fuss, just easy travel, the way life should be!  Dear Sandy Hook, I didn’t get a chance to write last Friday because it was just so hard to make sense of it all.  I work in a public school, I am a teacher, I work with kids, it’s just unthinkable and devastating…my prays and thoughts go out to not only the families, but to everyone in the small community.  But just know that positive energy and thoughts are constantly coming your way.  Dear Rainbow, after the rain today, you were a sight for sore-eyes, that tells me things are going to be ok 🙂


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