Friday’s Letters



Dear Friday, thanks for a great week and past weekend…bring on this weekend!  Dear December, Hello, I’m getting excited for X-mas and seeing family & friends!  This time of year always makes me so grateful, listening to Christmas music, looking at all the pretty lights, & snow! What’s not to be grateful for.  Dear Twin, I can’t wait to see you!!!  Even though I keep telling myself you are still right down the road, Pennsylvanian is really far away…Dear Bub, I’m getting excited about finally finishing up the lower room, the floor looks great and I can’t wait to have our house back to normal, it’s a mess!  Dear 2013, I’m gearing up for some new changes! It’s going to be scary & new, but I think I’m ready to move forward and finally take the plunge into becoming an Entrepreneur!


2 thoughts on “Friday’s Letters

  1. wooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooo!!!!! I love how you’re looking fear in the face and telling it you want to party! Way to make that step forward Lauren! 🙂 So excited to see you sooooooooo sooon!!

  2. You’re doing your prep work so you’ll be ready. Go for it in 2013!

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