Friday’s Letter

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Dear readers, thanks for being so patient with me and I’m sorry I haven’t posted for almost two weeks!!!  Sometimes I have no motivation and other times I’m so busy catching up on photography, work, family stuff that this is the last thing on my mind…but thanks for understanding!  Dear Reality, stop being so real and hard, when you put life into perceptive it hurts sometimes…  Dear Thanksgiving, I know we should take time everyday of the year to give thanks, but I am very thankful for my family this year and I will stop being so grumpy all the time, I have a lot to be happy about!  Dear Business Class, you’re pushing me out of my comfort zone, I love it, this organized person loves the graphic organizers you are giving me to slowly complete my business plan!  Dear Bub, I will be forever grateful if you finish putting our floors down this weekend, yes, THIS IS THE ONLY THING ON YOUR HUNNY-DO LIST!  🙂  Dear December, Welcome!  I am able to tolerate Christmas music now and I’m beginning my holiday shopping this weekend, along with a girls weekend! YAY!!!


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