Friday’s Letters

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Dear Instagram, I’ve decided I will to push myself to practice more, I shall pick my four favorite of the week to display on Fridays!  (Four Favorite Fridays–I like it!).  Dear Friday, it’s my thing now to thank you for being here, I welcome you with open arms!  Dear November, I can’t believe you are half over and Thanksgiving is next week, where did the time go!!!  Dear Danielle, thank you for trying new things and being there for me even when you are sleep deprived and ready to pull your hair out!  Dear Photoshop, I love you, thanks for joining the family, I’m excited to get to know you better 😉  Dear Shabby Apple, my newest affiliate, 5% cash back, yes please!  Feel free to click on their link and visit their website and shop til you drop!

Dresses from Shabby Apple
Dear Bub, thanks for being you, you are supportive, encouraging and you never let me lose sight of my true passions and goals.  You work extremely hard so we can “live the dream” and for that I am eternal grateful <3. Dear followers, I hope you have a super weekend, the weatherman is giving it a 10! (for those of you who live in New England)  So get outside and enjoy the beautiful sunshine & crisp fall air!

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  1. Love your Friday letters!

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