Need a Face/Body Lift…Before & After!


So I still have LOTS to learn when it comes to Photoshop/Photoshop Elements, I’m putting it on my to-do list for 2013, but being the impatient person I am, I am always looking for new ways to improve my photography/editing!!!  I recently did a mini photo shoot with my sister and her family and got some amazing shots!  It can be hard, when shooting family portraits, to have all eyes on you; you might never even get that shot of everyone is looking directly at the camera!  This is where photoshop comes into play!  It’s always nice to have that ONE photo (some may call it boring, others may call it the “money” shot–because this is the photo mom will buy/wants!!!) but you always want one picture with everyone looking at you!

If you’ve been along on this journey with me, then you know I love learning new things!  And what better way to practice new things than on your own family!

I loved this shot of all of them together, but it was windy and I was trying to make it fast because it was a bit cold, I was loosing daylight fast and I had an energetic 5 year old on my hand!!!  Knowing I got roughly what I wanted, I told myself I could practice my “face lift” skills!  (“No, I’m not a doctor, but I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last nigh!” -My Dad)

So out of these three images there is at least one person not looking at the camera (except for my niece–nice work!)  But my sister is looking in the first one & I really like my brother-in-law & niece in the last two)…so I decided to take the first two photos into PSE and swap heads or in this case bodies!

So what I did was open both images in PSE and used the Lasso Tool to outline my sister’s body in the first picture, you don’t have to be perfect since it’s the same background!  Then hit COPY, click on the second picture, the one you want to use for your final image and hit PASTE!

Now here comes the tricky part, you want to overlay the copied image over the bad image…you want to over it up!  You may want to lower the OPACITY here so you can match up the important parts, like facial features, etc.  Then once you have it where you want it, MAKE SURE THE OPACITY IS AT 100%, so you cannot see the image below!  Once you have your “new” image in place, go to LAYERS–MASK LAYERS–REVEAL ALL!  At this stage you will want to remove any hard edges that you see from where you cut around the new image.  You need to use your BRUSH TOOL for this!  Make sure the color is on BLACK!  Black will cover up the edges and WHITE will erase any mistakes you might have made (or click CTRL Z or COMM Z–a.k.a. my best friend!).  Go slow and Zoom in if you have too!  Then you want to flatten your image & SAVE!!!  Easy Peasy!  You would have never been the wiser!

Final image:

3 thoughts on “Need a Face/Body Lift…Before & After!

  1. LOVE! Although from the title I thought you were going to make me skinnier… I’ll take this one though!

  2. I just used this tutorial to do a head swap and it came out perfectly! It was so easy to follow, thank you so much!!

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