As Simple As That: Cheers!

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I wanted to write this beautiful, inspiring post about Veteran’s Day and how we take a lot of things for granted & that we should celebrate the little things in life, but nothing I wrote down sounded right.  So I thought I would just write down a few things that are important to celebrate…since Sundays are usually a day to reflect, I hope you can reflect on things you want to celebrate…

Things I want to Celebrate:

my families health

close friends

kitty snuggles





movie nights with my husband

three day weekends!

people willing to sacrifice their lives for you!


homemade peppermint mochas


One thought on “As Simple As That: Cheers!

  1. We are so blessed for the freedoms we have! There are always so many things to celebrate and be thankful for…great list 🙂

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