Friday’s Letter

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I stumbled upon this wonderful link up idea on twitter today (really on flipboard via twitter)I love when I find new things…and I’m excited to give this a shot!

Dear Friday, thank you for coming so early, it really is a pleasure to see you (again)!  Dear Girl Hearts Camera, you push me to be better, thanks for all your inspiration and for offering a 7 day membership to your forum for FREE (yay!)  Dear Bub, you are a wonderful man for taking on such a large task (laundry) this afternoon…you have no idea how happy you make me!   Dear Ashley, what a creative linkup!  What a great way to wrap up the week in such a positive way, thank you!  Dear Followers, thank you for being there and supporting me, I always look forward to your comments!  Dear in-laws, safe travels this weekend as you “fly south” for the winter!  Dear mom, you are a strong lady for being there for her friend even up until the end, “EFF Cancer”…sending you hugs; I miss you and dad.


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