Create 2 for Tuesday: A New Link-up!


I has a great chat with my best friend, Danielle, today and among other things, we chatted about our blogs. She blogs at Two Red Birthstones.  We have tossed the idea around about co-hosting our own link-up before but actually hammered out the details today and have decided to call it Create 2 for Tuesday!

Each week, we will give you a prompt.  We want you to take that prompt and come up with 2 different interpretations of it. Post your interpretations and link-up here or on Two Red Birthstones every Tuesday.  We will each pick two favorites and feature them on our respective blogs and then we will pick one photo together and it will be featured on both blogs.

The first prompt is: Fall

We hope you will come back next week and link-up!

7 thoughts on “Create 2 for Tuesday: A New Link-up!

  1. I have two pictures picked out but I’m a complete idiot and don’t know how to attach a photo here. Let me know how to do it and I’ll send it along. Keep in mind I’m not a photographer or a very good picture taker but these are the two things that came to mind when I saw the word fall.
    One is a picute of Evan when he fell asleep with his cowboy hat on – he would rather fall asleep with the hat than with anything else. The other is a picture of a waterfall from our vacation to Hawaii this last summer.

    • We aren’t linking until next Tuesday! So come back then 🙂 and there should be a link button at the bottom of my post with directions to how attach your photos! I can’t wait to see them!

      • Like I said, they are not great photos but its what I’ve got on my computer right now. I may just have to take out my camera and snap a pic. of my fall decorations! Inspiring!

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