Don’t Do it Half Way…


When it comes to photography and being prepared for class, don’t half-ass it.  Lesson learned.  I feel like I half-assed my assignment yesterday.  I didn’t put myself out there…yes in this class we are going to learn techniques to help us with lighting, how to pose our subjects, making great composition, all to help us tell the story and deliver the message we want, but part of this class is to also get us out of our comfort zones!  Which to me is scary!  I feel if someone teaches me something that’s I’ve  never done before, (it’s always scary the first time) the second time around, I can do it, I start to let my guard done and start to feel more in control and comfortable with it.  [I like being shown how to do it-but in most cases with life, the only way to learn it, is to do it]…crap.

Growing up I’ve always been the shy person, kind of timid, not assertive, once you get to know me though, you’d never know it.  I think most of us hate meeting new people, hate those stupid ice-breakers, hate the first day of school, being new at a job, or moving to a new place, but once you’ve settled into your surroundings your usually fine.  One of my friends always said I was very good at meeting new people, I made people feel at easy by telling jokes, breaking the ice, I always looked comfortable and it was easy for me…I guess that’s true, but normally if I was by myself I wouldn’t walk up to stranger on the street and start a conversation (hell no)!  I have a point here…I swear!  To make a long story short, part of what we are going to learn in this class is to be assertive, pushy, and ask those uncomfortable questions like, “Excuse me, may I take your photo.”  It may seem awkward at first, but if you have a vision in your head, the only way to capture it is to tap a strange on the shoulder or be THAT PERSON who is up in everyone’s business!

Let’s just say, when it comes to that, I fail.  It usually happens when I have my camera too, I’m at the point now where I really do know what I’m doing, I’m comfortable choosing my settings and usually have a good vision, but when I’m out in public (with my camera) I ALWAYS feel self-conscious like a paparazzi or someone creepy…But I know I really have to get over that and that’s what growing is all about, getting out of your comfort zone and showing yourself you CAN do it, and to get over yourself and your fears because in the long run you can usually look back and say “that was easy!”

For this weeks assignment we had a little scavenger hunt to do.  We had to shoot different portraits:

1.  A child or pet (I did both)

2. A senior Citizen

3. a group of 4-5 people (I half-assed this/this is from a couple of weeks ago :p)

4. yourself (self portrait)

For each photo we had to make sure we were telling a story. Last night we talked a lot about planning!  Every (great) artist has a vision before they start working…they purposely plan their actions and there’s no exception to photographers.  Sometimes we only get a split second to capture that precious moment, so it’s imperative that we do our homework first!  Know your settings, know what light does in certain situations (morning, noon, evening), how do you want the light to hit your subject, front, back, side?  What story do you want to tell, do you want to capture the whole scene or part of the scene, (depth of field)…these are all things to think about when trying to capture a single moment (story) in time.

It what separate a photograph from a memorable photograph!

2 thoughts on “Don’t Do it Half Way…

  1. Especially love your self portrait!

  2. I love all these photos but my favorite is your self portrait! That is definitely you!

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