Simple Things Sunday


When did fall get it???

My husband and I were driving in the jeep yesterday and the colors just blew be away and then I realized it was almost October!  Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera with me because I’m an Idiot!  But it was actually good…it gave me time to sit and reflect how beautiful the colors were and enjoy the ride with my hubby without stopping every 5 minutes to snap a photo.  As I reflect on the day today, it’s a rainy & cold, but sometimes those are the best days; snuggles on the couch, warm cup of coffee, soup brewing in the crock-pot and of course Football!  But no pictures of that either…what I really want to share today is, I finally ordered The Photographer’s Planner from Girl Hearts Camera, they were having a great sale, $20 off (original $50), and I just couldn’t resist!  I love being organized and even though I’ve moved into the digital age, there’s something to be said about writing down important dates, appointments, etc. in a paper calendar!  It arrived beautiful wrapped, it almost felt like Christmas!   This is more than just a calendar folks, it has great tips, tutorials, & inspirational quotes to push you to become better.  I almost don’t want to use it because it’s so pretty!  I’m hoping it becomes a great addition to my photography routine!

3 thoughts on “Simple Things Sunday

  1. I love that!!!!!!!!!!! From the packaging to the message on the front.

  2. So cute! I am with you on the fact that there is something to actually writing something down on paper! Love it!

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