Great Giveaway from DownEast!

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I don’t normally do this, but I’ve been a loyal follower of The Pretty Life Anonymous blog for about a year now (thank you Pinterest–If you click on their link, it brings you to their great giveaway!).  But I fell in love with their blog!  It’s two sisters who, by the name of the blog, are anonymous, but blog about their fabulous style!  They snap a photo of each outfit and tell us where they buy each items, it’s great, they show us how to pulled together fierce, professional, cute looks!  The best part is they do it for less, and they shop at many of the same places I do, so it’s has changed the way I shop for myself.  My favorite part of their blog is their 5 Favorite Fridays, I always find and learn something new and who doesn’t like that!  So go on over and try to win an item from DownEast Basics!

This are my favorite!  Tell me yours!

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