I wanted to post something before this long weekend, but as I look at my blogging to-do list nothing seems to speak to me.  I just really want to post pictures, but I’ve been slacking, since school started I haven’t picked up my camera once this week… 😦 …I know!

But I’m happy to report I’ll be bringing it along with me this holiday weekend and I also get to photograph two couple sessions!  (photos to come later).

But as I was perusing Facebook today, I saw that Courtney from Click It Up a Notch is celebrating her third year of shooting in manual (YAY Courtney!) and it got me thinking about my own journey.  My one year anniversary of blogging & shooting in manual is coming up at the end of September and I thought I would post a quick look back of my progress over the past year.  I’ve picked one of my favorite pictures of each month to show you!  I’m sorry I’m starting in December…but all my earlier photos are on my external hard drive (and yes, I’m too lazy to pull them out and upload them)…but I promise I’ll dig them out for my 1 year post!  But I really started to shoot 100% manual around Christmas time…looking back you can tell where and when I learned something new, editing, exposure, light…etc.)

I challenge you to post about your own progress, either in photography or something else!  Please comment on my blog and leave your link so I can see your growth!

2011 Christmas

2012 January








3 thoughts on “Progress…

  1. So proud of how far you’ve come already…

  2. Aww, I love this and I think I may have to do one of my own posts like this! You were the one that inspired me to shoot in manual and I haven’t looked back! You have a great eye and I love seeing all the new things you are learning!

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