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When did fall get it???

My husband and I were driving in the jeep yesterday and the colors just blew be away and then I realized it was almost October!  Unfortunately I didn’t bring my camera with me because I’m an Idiot!  But it was actually good…it gave me time to sit and reflect how beautiful the colors were and enjoy the ride with my hubby without stopping every 5 minutes to snap a photo.  As I reflect on the day today, it’s a rainy & cold, but sometimes those are the best days; snuggles on the couch, warm cup of coffee, soup brewing in the crock-pot and of course Football!  But no pictures of that either…what I really want to share today is, I finally ordered The Photographer’s Planner from Girl Hearts Camera, they were having a great sale, $20 off (original $50), and I just couldn’t resist!  I love being organized and even though I’ve moved into the digital age, there’s something to be said about writing down important dates, appointments, etc. in a paper calendar!  It arrived beautiful wrapped, it almost felt like Christmas!   This is more than just a calendar folks, it has great tips, tutorials, & inspirational quotes to push you to become better.  I almost don’t want to use it because it’s so pretty!  I’m hoping it becomes a great addition to my photography routine!

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Thank goodness it’s Friday…this has been one of those weeks that just drags along and you’re not quite sure it will ever end.  But thankful Friday is here and best of all it’s payday Friday so it feels like a bonus!  I am very much looking forward to the weekend.

My best friend Danielle and I have been blogging for a little more than a year and today I did a Friday Favorite’s guest post on her blog, Two Red Birthstones, you should go check it out!  All photography related!  I’m hoping in the near future she will guest post for me.  She takes wonderful pictures of her children and she has some great posts about crafts, cooking, and just everyday life!

Another great thing about it being Friday is, last night was my first Portrait/Wedding/Photojournalism class!  I briefly mentioned it in an earlier post.  It’s through NECC (Northern Essex Community College in Massachusetts) the school offers a variety of non-credit courses, including classes in basic/advance photography.  This year they are offering some new classes focusing on specific areas in photography.

I thought I would get the most out of Portrait/Wedding/Photojournalism class, kind of more bang for my buck!  After introductions, we went through some memorable photographs in history, some iconic photos.  Jodi (our teachers) asked us to describe how we felt when we looked at the picture and what was the message the photographer was trying to make.  Then she made a point how as photographers we must make an emotional connection to our subjects because in our photographs we have to provoke some kind of emotion (happy, sad, angry, whatever) and deliver a message or story.  In a way it’s just like blogging (writing), if you can’t connect with your readers how are you suppose to engage or keep them interested…right, same with your clients?  She then asked us to find a photographer we admire and study their work and list the reasons why we like their style, why do they inspire us and why themselves went into photography.  I’m giving it much thought…the easy answer would be Ansel Adams…but even though I love his work and he basically paved the way for many photographers, I can’t seem to except that he’s my (only) favorite…

Anywho…during class we actually got to begin shooting, our mission: pair up and capture our partners true personalities using varies props, walls, stairwells, etc in and around the school, so I will leave you with a few of my partner Zac:

Our homework: A Scavenger Hunt! (photos to come!)

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“Snapshot of a Marriage” Feature!

I feel so blessed to have been given this amazing opportunity…coming up on our 10 year high school reunion, my good friend Emily emails me out of the blue about possibly taking some photos for her, I jumped at the challenge because when does something like this happen and how often does it come along!  She was going to be a contributor to this great wedding blog Snippet & Ink and who doesn’t like a great wedding blog!  (I was addicted while I was planning my own and frankly still am!)  Her idea was to write a snapshot on how married couples keep their marriage strong and successful after the wedding bells has ended…my only job…to take wonderful pictures to match her beautiful words.

Read her first Snapshot here and my first time being published!!!