The “Golden” Hour


If you have done your research like I have then you know every photographer LOVES taking photos during the “Golden” or “Magic” hour.  This is because the light is soft and you can get some amazing backlit photos with a lot of haze or just enough haze…which ever you desire.  I have found though that at this time, especially where I live, the sky is the best part!  It’s almost like a painting, it’s so beautiful, the pinks, purples, reds, amazing!  So it can be tricky to get your subject properly exposed when you want to capture the background too.  You do you have a few options: 1) Properly expose for your subject (usually people-unless you want a building or structure to stand out), 2) Expose for the beautiful sky/sunset, which will leave you with a darken subject (Producing a silhouette), or 3) Expose for your subject, but expose more on the darker side and fix that in PP or use your magic and darken the background in PP! (Which is what I did!)  

I was pretty impressed with myself (yes I’m patting myself on the back), I think I need too!  Hubby and I were discussing my progress and the thoughts of finally starting up the biz, when we discovered I’ve been on this journey for almost a YEAR!  I feel like time has moved so slowly and yet so fast all at the same time.  It’s pretty crazy how much can happen in a year.  Anyways, I want to continue to practice taking better SOOC, it makes my editing so much better and the editing process faster because I’m not constantly fixing easy mistakes.  I’ve taught myself to slow down, get my settings right, read my meter and actually understand what the meter is telling me and when NOT to listen to it.  I’m pretty pleased with all that, what doesn’t come second nature to me is posing people, even my own husband, I find it odd and frustrating because I know what I want in my head, but can’t seem to capture that in words.  But I know that takes practice too.

Practice, Practice, Practice…are you getting it yet?  I guess everyone is right, it really just takes practice, time, & practice!  I told my husband that I didn’t want to be an average photographer, I don’t want to go into business because I think I have too or make money because I have a fancy camera & editing software.  I want to proud of my product and my art and I want others to be proud too.

Anyway, this is getting way to long…thanks for listening ❤ (my husband is a good sport for helping me practice, thanks hunny)

Calling this the McKayla Maroney face!



3 thoughts on “The “Golden” Hour

  1. Gotta love the Golden Hour! You should check out the app GoldenPic, it works great for telling you the times for the sunrise, sunset, golden hours, blue hours, etc.

  2. I love all of these but I really love the picture of you two! I like the sky in the second one and the 3rd to last one, gorgeous!

  3. This is a beautiful set. Evening is definitely my favorite time to shoot.

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