Link Up Friday…


I told myself I would get off the computer today…I spent half the day on it yesterday, my eyes need a break!  So I’ve decided to do Link Up Friday.  I’ve been going back and re-editing a lot of my photos since taking Lightroom 101: Start to Finish, one of the many Clickin Moms workshops!  It was eye opening…it’s nice to learn as you go, but I love the reading, seeing, doing approach to learning.  If you are on the fence about possible taking a course through them, this one is a must!!!  I learned how to make my basic edit easier for me, learned the dos/don’ts on skin tones, plus easier ways to help me when I don’t get it right in camera!  But enough talk, here is my Friday pick!

Isn’t this little guy super cute!


2 thoughts on “Link Up Friday…

  1. Such a great photo! Your editing work is wonderful! The color is brilliant!

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