Farewell London, Hello Rio!

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The Olympics are over and already it’s a little weird not being able to watch 24 hours non-stop coverage of sports, all day, everyday :p  Two weeks straight of just pure Olympic Competition is very addicting, but we are both thankful to have watched it and now to at least have an 18 month break until the winter olympics begin!  I wanted to share some great photography from the games, I was watching The Today Show as they were doing their Olympic wrap-up and I kept seeing this great shots of athletes and finally find out who the famous photographer was, Neil Leifer.  It just seems to be able to capture athletes at their best and photograph their spirit!  He was able to shoot some of the athletes when the stress of competition was over and really capture the true meaning of what they love to do.  They are up close and personal, vivid, just real, raw emotion in all of them!  And this is why I LOVE photography!

While you view, enjoy London’s newest artist Emily Sandé song Wonder,

Here is the slideshow!  And a few of my favorites:

Photographed by: Neil Leifer/Courtesy of the Today Show/NBC

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