Before & After


So one thing I really love reading on blogs/forums is before & afters…I just love seeing how people edit their photos and I LOVE learning new techniques and ways to speed up &/or improve my own editing.  So I’ve decided to pass along some knowledge of what I learned last night!  It’s super easy and can make a huge improvement when shooting portraits!

So little by little I’ve been trying to teach myself photoshop.  It’s only certain things right now, like cloning big things out of photos that Lightroom can’t do, or the newest thing, getting rid of under eye circles!!!  They make people look tired and if you can get rid of them I say do it!

A quick note here, you can find just about anything on the internet if you look (search) for it.  And is the best source if you are a visual learner like me.  So Youtube I went and watched a quick video, I would link it but I forgot too…there are so many tools in PS, I wanted to know which one was the best one for me to use.  There are multiple ways of doing the same thing and many of the tools can do the same job, plus everyone likes to edit a different way that’s easier for them.

I’m sure it’s not perfect, but you can’t really tell I altered the picture in any way if you didn’t realize what it looked like before.  For this job, I used the patch tool and drew a circle around the problem area, as the circle lights up you can then drag the circle to a spot just below the eye, on the cheek and BOOM, the dark circle looks smooth and like it was never there in the first place!  It’s magically!  Of course I’ll be playing around with it, the best way to learn is to practice…but it’s nice to know I can make someone look 10 years younger in a matter of seconds.

Can you tell? (Isn’t this little guy super cute too!)



3 thoughts on “Before & After

  1. It’s like magic!!

  2. I love how you are constantly learning stuff! I’d love to be able to get together and go out shooting. I think we could learn a lot from each other.
    Great pic, gorgeous baby, and that is one photoshop technique I actually did not know about. Thank for sharing!

  3. You are different born to create such pictures that express a thousand words. thank you for being you!

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