Pictures Speak Volumes

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Stop for a moment, I want you to think about some major events that have happened in your life; births, graduations, weddings, etc…I bet you have photographs from those events.  What emotions do you feel, what comes to your mind?  Now stop and think about some major events that have happened around the world, either past or present…what comes to mind?

Photographs capture some of the toughest and some of the happiest times in our lives.  They are in our textbooks, museums, flashed across the nightly news, and in our own homes.  We all take pictures, especially now, everyone has a Smart Phone, it’s hard to find some reason not to take pictures.  We want to share our experiences, show our friends and family what we are up too, show them the beautiful places we’ve been and maybe even make others jealous too!  Photographs provoke a certain memory from the past, good or bad, they are like smells, or our favorite song, it brings you back to a particular time in your life, a time that has impacted you in someway.

We use these photographs as remembrance,

Remembering events,

Remembering people,

Remembering better times…Remembering tragic times…

Photographs are a piece of living history.  And I’m happy to be capturing some of those memories along my journey!

Thanks for listening.

One thought on “Pictures Speak Volumes

  1. Well said! My photographs, no matter how bad, are my prized possessions, they are priceless!

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