Sorry For Being MIA!


My whole routine feels off this week, I’ve been working half days at summer camp, the hubby has been away on a work trip, I have an ear infection (supposedly…) and I’m on day 6 of fluid STILL in my inner ear!  It is very frustrating, for those of you have had this, I feel for you, it feels like I have water in my ear that won’t come out…I have fullness and the ringing…ugh!  It’s down right annoying!  Oh and did I mention, I locked myself out of my house yesterday…my cousins had to come over with the ladder and climb through the window!  (yes, I broke into my own place!)  With all of this going on, I’ve been discombobulated!  It’s like you get so use to having your partner in crime around you that you sometimes forget how hard it is to function independently…don’t get me wrong, I can do it, but it’s always nice to have a helping hand!  He comes home today and I’m so excited!  I will post some of his pictures from Seattle next week, he was so happy to get his camera back once I upgraded to the D700 🙂

I’ve made a list of post ideas so next week I will be more consistent for those of you who are missing me!  Even though I haven’t been motivated to post, I’ve still been searching the web and reading up on photography and editing!  Over the past week I’ve been fortunate enough to shoot two session and one of them was my first ever PAID SESSION!!!  It just kind of happened, fall into my lap-sort to speak.  I guess one side of me said “TAKE IT & RUN WITH IT…” while the other side said, “ARE YOU CRAZY, YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU’RE DOING!!!!!!! SAY NO & RUN!!!!!!”  Well, the other side won and I’m chalking it up to both a learning experience and a way to built some part of a portfolio!  The first one was a birthday party and the second was a family/couple shoot for one of my high school friends who’s writing for a wedding blog!  You can follow her personal blog here!  I’m starting to become more comfortable with “actually” shooting, it’s different when you are shooting inanimate objects compared to real people.  You have to pose them, figure out the prefect setting, find the light you want and then corral them together for the perfect shot.  It takes a lot of work that you just don’t realize until you are doing it.  But practice makes perfect, and the more times I do it, the easier it will be…hopefully!

Anyway, as I scrolling through Facebook today, I found a new blog to read!  I always love finding new things that will teach me something new!  I found this through Click it up a Notch Facebook page, it is Brook Snow Photography Blog, this article in particular caught my eye, Do you know what you want?  I think I do?  I know I love photography, it’s a creative outlet for me and I feel happy doing it, isn’t that enough.  I’ve always struggled with this one, what do I want, what do I love to do, what’s my passion, my purpose, what, what, what…so many questions…can’t someone tell me!  I blame the fact that I’m an Aquarius, (don’t roll your eyes) “An aquarius has an important sense of mission in her life – that she was born to do something good in the world.”  Maybe that’s why I constantly wanting more in my life…I’m meant to do great things!

The other website I want to share with you is MCP Actions, I have their button on my website and I haven’t really gotten a chance to investigate until this morning!  I just downloaded some great Lightroom freebies!  Some mini-quick clicks (presets)…if I don’t like them, I don’t have to use them, but hey, they’re free!  But the website also has some great information, training, tips, etc!  Check them out!  There is so much to learn that sometimes it’s overwhelming, but once things start to click (no pun intended) it’s an amazing feeling.

Happy Shooting!

My cousin’s first b&e!


2 thoughts on “Sorry For Being MIA!

  1. Welcome back! I have been wondering where you went! That’s so awesome that you are learning so much. And Congratulations on your paid shoot. It’s so terrifying and exciting the first time. Just wait until you do a wedding. My first one, I nearly threw up I was so nervous.

    Be careful with the actions- they are addicting, but they can detract from your learning experience. It’s important to know how to edit without them, and then you can use them to make life easier. You can do so many cool effects with them too. Another great supplier is “Florabella”

    Have a great week!

    • Thanks!! Actions are so addicting! But I’m taking a Lightroom course right now, so hopefully it will help me get a more consistent edit and maybe I’ll find what I like and what I don’t!!

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