Playing With Light

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Sorry I’ve been MIA…I’ve just been exhausted over these past few days and come to find out I’ve been fighting an ear infection :p I’ve been relatively healthy this past year, but sometimes when you let your guard down for only a moment, germs jump at the chance to get you when you’re down!  So I’m trying to rest so my body can fight off the virus.  It’s hard though, I’ve been busy and over these past weekend I had my first paying customer!  (I’ll blog more about soon!)  It was both terrifying and exciting at the same time.  More to come later…

On another note:

Around dinner time at our house, the sun sets directly through one of our windows and if you don’t time it right you could be doing dishes with the sun directly in your face!  The positive to this, is the light is beautiful, strong at times, yes, but beautiful!  So while my husband I were making dinner, I grabbed the camera to play around with the light!  The light was backlit from the window and kind of gave the effect of rim lighting.  Rim lighting creates a beautiful effect, it highlights the edges of the subject you are taking a picture of.  As you can see the light is blown out, meaning I have lost details in my highlights, but in this case I think it gives a very neat effect.  It happened so quickly that I just snapped away!  I decided to convert the images to b&w to make for a more dramatic feel.  This is what I came up with:

One thought on “Playing With Light

  1. Gorgeous lighting! I love how you experiment still. I’ve lost the urge to experiment and I just shoot at whatever moves now. I should try to challenge myself more.

    BTW- That man is handsome. Good Catch- girlie!

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