Turning 2!


Last weekend was fun-filled!  It started out with my best friend son’s 2nd birthday party and then a trip to my home town for my 10-year High School Reunion.  I brought along my camera, not only are her children gorgeous, but I don’t have little ones yet to practice on and children are super fun!  I can’t believe this little guy turned two, I was so lucky to be there on the day he was born and can’t believe how fast kids grow!

The best part of photography is you are constantly learning, I continue to want to push my self and the limits of my camera…I know I still have tons to learn, but it’s always fun to have those epiphanies after the fact.  Next week I’ll be taking another workshop from Clickin Moms and I’m so excited!!!  I’ve been using Lightroom 3 for sometime now, but I’m hoping this workshop will finally allow me to hone in my skills to a specific style and a consistent style at that.  Over the past few days I’ve been playing around with enhancing eyes and I think I finally get it! (hints the epiphany!)  I have found that I haven’t been using Lightroom to my full potential, and I can’t wait to see what else I can do with it!  Photography, like life, is all about motivating yourself to grow, you can grow slowly, or quickly, sometime it takes awhile until you fully understand something and other times it comes so easily you wondered why you waited so long to try.  Remember, practice makes perfect!  And this birthday party was the perfect time to practice my skills!

Here are just a few shots from the weekend:

4 thoughts on “Turning 2!

  1. awesome pics lady, love the name 🙂

  2. Lovely children and party. You are doing such amazing work with your camera. I have found that I reach a learning plateau when it comes to photography, and then I sit still for a long time, and eventually get interested again and when I finally pick up the camera, I make giant steps where before I was stuck.

    Are you shooting in RAW?

    How was your reunion? My 15 year should be this year, but I refuse to go. I didn’t like those people when I was in school with them, I’m not going to hang out with them on purpose. LOL

    Have a great weekend!

    • Thanks!! I’m the same way, I’m doing a 365 project this year, but there are some days where I don’t want to pick up my camera and it’s hard to think creatively sometimes…but I think that’s with anything! I love reading new things about photography, I think that’s what gets me excited to do new things with the camera!

      And yes I’m shooting in RAW, I use Lightroom 3 for most of my post processing…my goal this fall is to learn Photoshop!

      My reunion kind of stunk :p 9 people showed up! In a class of 140, it was kind of lame…but the people who were there were people I liked and hung out with, so win-win!

      Hope you are doing well yourself, keep practicing 🙂

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