That’s the Spirit!


It’s always nice to be reminded how strong you are, but when one of your good friends suggest to you that you need to run a 5K with her, you kind of laugh at her and say…”Okay, I can do that…I’ve been “working out,” sure.”  Then when that day finally comes and you are a nervous wreck, not because you think you can’t do it…because damn straight I’m running and I’m finishing so help me GOD, but because you know how bad it’s going to hurt!

But thank you Lou for making me do this, I appreciate the push and it’s always nice to know how strong I really am!

29:15.90-under 30mins, my goal for the day…not bad for my first 5K!

Elise, Louie & I

Plus it all went to a great cause!

2 thoughts on “That’s the Spirit!

  1. Congratulations! I don’t think, in fact I KNOW I couldn’t run a 5k, much less in less than a half hour. GOOD JOB! and you get extra good karma points for it being for charity!

  2. Thanks!!! I’m glad I did it!

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