Baby…You Could Photograph A Firework!


Where I live, we do fireworks backwards, fireworks happen the day before the 4th, unless it rains, then it’s the day after! (Apparently it’s cheaper…) but this years fireworks were spectacular!  And I wasn’t going to miss out on a photography opportunity!  I’d been doing a lot of reading about taking photos of fireworks, Clickin Moms was very helpful!  So with my tripod & camera in hand, my husband, sister and I set out to find the perfect spot!  Now the trick to taking photos of fireworks is a low shutter speed and a closed aperture (higher number).  And to make sure there is no grain on your pictures is to have a low ISO…and the tripod makes this all possible because there should be no camera blur!  If you have a remote, PERFECT!  It’s easier, the D700 has a way to set up interval timer shooting…but I haven’t read up on that yet, so next year!  But the key is too pick where your settings should be and then play from there once you see them on the screen!  (But remember to enjoy yourself too!)  I stuck with ISO 200, shutter speed around 2-4 seconds (2 worked the best) and aperture around 16!

This is my favorite holiday, maybe because it’s summer and there’s no school or it gives us an excuse to BBQ, eat sweets, be with family and see beautiful colors in the sky…I’m not sure…but, Happy 4th of July, I hope your holiday was safe & fun…and Happy Birthday America and thank you to all that keep us safe so we can all be free!

My two biggest fans!

200, f/16, 2seconds

200, f/16, 2seconds

200, f/16, 2seconds

200, f/16, 4seconds

200, f/16, 2seconds

8 thoughts on “Baby…You Could Photograph A Firework!

  1. Lauren these photographs are absolutely stunning! Are you taking requests for copies. There are a couple I would love to frame and hang on the wall! The other great thing about the photographs is that they all go with my tatoo!

  2. Gorgeous photos Lauren!

  3. Thank you Tracey!! We can discuss next week about them, but of course!! I hope you had a happy 4th!!! The fireworks were excellent this year 🙂

  4. AMAZING pictures! Mark and I cheated this year and watched the NY fireworks on television – no mesquitos or crowds!

  5. Absolutely outstanding pictures. Great photography.

  6. You did amazing! Was that your first time taking firework shots?? You did so great! Pat yourself on the back darlin’!

    I wish our town would do them the day before, because since I work thirds, the way the post office sees it- the night of the 4th is actually July 5th, since we start at 10pm (the majority of our shift is on the 5th…) SO, my holiday actually was on July 3rd this year. BOO.

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