Boys and Their Toys


I have my toys and so does my husband.  He was like a little kid in a candy store on Saturday, wide-eyed, grinning, and smiling from ear to ear…he was SO excited to finally buy a trailer for his jeep, and not only a trailer, but a 1952 M100 1/4 ton military trailer, perviously used by the local fire department!  It’s actually quite cute and very functional + inexpensive (considering these things go for bank, according to my husband)  Trips to the dump will be much easier and less smelly, and you just never know when you’re going to need a trailer…

My Sister and I in front of it.

Plus it’s a nice little project for both father and son!

7 thoughts on “Boys and Their Toys

  1. Yes, boys and their toys. But why do their toys always have to be so large and mechanical? Mine got a trailer too a couple years ago, and it’s basically been a lawn ornament for the last year. I guess the novelty wore off. LOL

    On another note, I got nominated for a “Sunshine Award” and I get to nominate my 10 favorite bloggers, You’re one of them!
    See it here
    Peace and Hugs,

  2. what a great picture of Ian and his dad!! Also, your pictures get better and better and better!!!! 🙂 xoxo

    • Hi Lauren…I’m glad to say that I found you and now am a devoted follower from the Make My Morning Hop…I love the beauty and simplicity of your pictures and your blog itself…I can’t wait to see more of your pics and some more tutorials from you as I’m just really getting a feel of the whole blogging situation…LOL!!

      Be Blessed ❤

      • Thanks so much Christine!! Just let me know if you have any questions about anything and I can make sure I put it on my blog to-do list! I look forward to your visits and as well as exploring your blog! Enjoy!

    • Thanks sweetie! I’m constantly learning!

  3. Oh, BEST believe I’ll be back…I MOS-DEF have some questions, too… =)

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