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Happy Birthday!

As I stay the same age, others around me are growing up so quickly 😉 it only seems that way…but the second part about others growing up quickly is correct!  My beautiful niece turns 5 today and I can’t believe how big she has gotten!  I was there 12 hours after she was born and I never believed in love at first sight until that day!  You are completely in love with this little thing that is so valuable and new, it’s an amazing thing!  The best part, I’m only the auntie, so I can sugar her up and then give her back!  My sister has her hands full, but is so ready for the challenge and has done such an amazing job as a mom!

Happy Birthday my love ❤


New Beginnings…

So today my twin sister sets out on a new journey with her boyfriend, moving to PA.  Over the weekend, my mom, dad, and I helped her pack, threw all her stuff into a big ole truck and waved goodbye.  It was bittersweet, but we all new it had to happen.  I’m so happy for her to begin this phase in her life; a new job, new house, & living with the man of her dreams.  I think because I am so happy & excited for her, I’ve forgotten the fact that I’m going to miss her very much.  Growing up means making sacrifices, it’s hard because you can’t predict that the future will hold and sometimes following your dreams means giving up things or people you love.  But what I’ve learned it’s not goodbye, but see you later…

“There are no goodbyes, where ever you’ll be, you’ll be in my heart…” -Gandhi

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London 2012!

Unfortunately I didn’t plan ahead, so no, I’m not in London 😦 but I am one of the estimated 1 billion people watching the opening ceremonies tonight!  As a little kid I’ve always imaged myself staying on top of the podium receiving my medal…well…it didn’t happen, but doesn’t mean I still don’t think about it!  I think the Olympics are like Disney World, there’s this hope, excitement, dreams come true in both places…you can kind of be a “kid” again.  You get to prove to others what kind of person & athlete you are and what better way of doing that than on the world stage!  I still have that competitive nature in me and the dramatization of the games, the pictures, the music, the stories, they are touch a nerve with me.  And I’m like putty in their hands!  This is going to be the first time social media will play a huge role in the games, they say the London Eye will be getting into the action.  It will change colors when tweets are received, positive or negative about the Olympics games!  And for the first time all of the Olympic Events will be streamed LIVE on the Olympic website!  Even if you aren’t into sports, you can still enjoy the atmosphere that the Olympics bring to the world…and just think about the photograph opportunities there, not only the landscape of London, but all those athletes!  Enjoy!