366 Days…


Because of the leap year today is our bonus day, today we’ve been married for 366 days, today we celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary!  It’s crazy to think how fast and slow a year can go by.  366 days ago I woke up to pouring rain and chillier than normal conditions; this morning I woke up to sun, bright blue sky, a nice sea breeze and a break from the humidity.  Nothing special planned, dinner and maybe a movie, and of course digging into that newly thawed wedding “cup”cake!

They say the first years the hardest…I’ll say it, we were the exception to the rule.  It did help that we’ve known each other for 10 years and 6 of those years we were just friends.  Communication, honesty, and laughter are three ingredients that every couple should bring to a relationship, if you can’t talk honestly and open to one another then what’s the point?  And laughter, well, laughter should always be there, in the good times and bad.

We both feel very lucky…to have found our someone.

A few photos of our weekend (If you aren’t on Instagram, I suggest you sign up!)

Saturday was date night…

Date Night Hair

A treat for the happy couple

Cards of Love

And Sunday turned out to be an incredible day too!

It was tasty, even though it was frozen for 12 months!

4 thoughts on “366 Days…

  1. Happy Anniversary cousin!

  2. Happy Anniversary Ian and Lauren! Can’t believe it has been a year either. You both are the best and I wish you continued happiness, joy and lots of Margaritas!

  3. Awww! Congrats on the anniversary! Just wait till it’s 10! Your pictures are awesome, and that cupcake looks delish!

    You’re absolutely right Communication, honesty, and laughter are key, but don’t forget about patience and understanding.

    Here’s to 70 or more blissful years of marriage for you two!

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