Love That Shot…


Contests appeal to my competitive nature, so when I saw Love that Shot was having a Worldwide Photo Walk Contest, I couldn’t resist!  Luckily we were up in Franconia, NH at the Lupine Festival, not our usually spot, but beautiful none the less!  Walks like these are a great way to not only get out and explore your own home town or city, but a great way to practice your photography skills!  Better yet, take along a few friends that way you can bounce ideas off each other!

This is my favorite shot from the whole day, I love how it captures both the mountains in the background and the colorful field of lupines, as well as the sun rays!  Link up down below and do the same, do you have a favorite photo from your own walk?!

2 thoughts on “Love That Shot…

  1. Gorgeous! I wish I didn’t work thirds so I could take part in photo walks and such. You know… during the day. Light is kind of an essential element to what we do. LOL

    I just love your pics! Keep on shooting!


    • Thank you! Light is our friend, but rocking the low-light or night photography can rock too! I’ve been wanting to learn how to photograph lighting, but it’s really hard!!!

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