I’m in Love…


I’m sure once I have children they will take my breath away, I know when I held my niece for the first time I didn’t know you could fall so madly, deeply in love with anything at first sight!  Well, I don’t have children…yet, and yes my pets are my babies, but nothing prepared me for the love I felt last night when I opened up the giant brown box that held my new (“previously owned”)–new to me, Nikon D700!!!


Like giddy love, laugh-out-loud love…bring tears to one’s eyes love…yeah, I’m a bit overly dramatic, but it was very exciting!  My husband was witness to this all and very supportive as I pushed him out of the way and stuck my nose into the manual and played around with all the new settings, as he lowed his head and trudged off to make dinner.

This journey has been slow, but when I look back on when I picked up a camera again, it hasn’t even been a year yet!  I am very blessed to have the opportunity now to be able to go out and buy a “used” D700 and a new 50mm f1/4 lens, together topped a hefty amount, but it was time to upgrade!  My D70 was only limiting me, especially in low-light and if I wanted to continue to grow I had too.  Now I didn’t chose Nikon over Cannon, it was chosen for me, when my husband purchased our D70 without discussing it with me…(he was scared that I would yell at him, I hugged him instead!).  Growing up we owned Cannon, my first point-in-shoot was a Cannon, I think my second and third were too!  So I was hesitate to jump on the bandwagon of Nikon.  Now it really doesn’t matter which brand you choose, both are excellent choices and really comes down to personal preference.  I have just gotten use to shooting with a Nikon and love the easy shortcuts and look at it.  I love it even more now that I have a pro-body!  I will say the D700 is heavier than my D70, it just feels more sturdy!  The monitor is huge compared to the D70 and has so many more options to view!  I can even see what I’m shooting on the monitor first instead of looking through the view finder.  The short-cut buttons are easier to find and the best part is you only have the option of Aperture, Shutter, Program, or Manual Modes!  But what I noticed the most is how quiet it is and how FAST the shutter is!!! WOW…if nothing else, this is the #1 reason why I wanted to upgrade!  You could hear me shooting from a mile away with the D70, I felt self conscious, with the D700 my confidence is here to stay!

I encourage anyone who is serious about photography to make the upgrade!  Start saving now!  If you can’t afford to upgrade right now, I would invest in a great lens.  A prime lens is great!  I started with the 35mm f1.8G, but just bought the 50mm f1.4D!  These lens are very inexpensive, and go along way!

Here are some comparisons between the two cameras, both using my 35mm f1.8G (DX lens…I will one day go over cropped vs. full-framed sensors on a camera–but that’s for another time!)

D700 (Left) D70 (Right):

Things I noticed right off the bat: (now this was done quickly, but you get the point…)

*Has a creamier depth of field

*Less noise in low-light even with ISO at 1250! (You’ll notice it more if you zoom in)

*Photo is clearer & crisper

*The color pops!

And I had to include shots from the beach with my 50mm! (I found a pair of red chucks, I couldn’t resist!)

SOOC  200, 1/5000, f2.8

I’d like to hear what you think of my edit! ❤ Summer starts tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “I’m in Love…

  1. I’m so jealous! I’d love to be able to upgrade right now, but I do have a kid, and dental work has to come first. : ( I’m glad you’re so happy with your new camera, I’m looking forward to seeing all you do with it!


  2. I love the comparison shots! I am excited to see what else you can do with this camera as you learn more and more about it! The picture of the shoes is great, I love the edit and how the red of the shoes really pops. It looks so much more summery!

  3. Your first paragraph had me saying “Me too!!” I love seeing the difference between the D70 and the D700. Congrats on the upgrade.

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